Gloria is a photographer. She loves faces. One day she started drawing some. This exercise proved to be a relaxing, meditative and fun diversion from the technical aspects of photography. After a while, Gloria decided to turn the drawings into coasters. Her good friend Gail suggested they be called Gloasters... combining Gloria's nickname "Glo" with the word "coasters." 

Gail is Gloria's friend. She went to art school and then was sucked into the restaurant business for 30 years. (It didn't suck, she really loved it.) She got to do a lot of art, the commercial kind, but now she gets to draw whatever she wants. So since her first and last name initials are G and L, it was only natural for Gail to join Gloria making Gloasters. And a very happy day, she might add. 

We're happy to make your acquaintance. Thanks for bringing our coasters into your home!